Advantages of 24Option Broker


24Option has excellent customer services that make it a better home to the Binary Options Trader. This broker offers a very high limit to the investors per trade. It allows the trader to invest as much as $50,000 in one single trade. This gives the broker an added advantage of not having any problems when it comes to paying out high returns. The great thing is that if you become the top trader of the week, then you will be awarded prize money up to $100,000.

Many traders usually look at the complaints of a broker before they can develop an interest in it. Surprisingly, no complaint has been found on this broker 24Option. Only this is enough to tell the traders that this is a trustworthy broker to trade with. This is because if there is any complaint, the company is very willing to accept and address the issues immediately. However, as you continue reading, you will be made to understand whatever I am saying.

Have a look at these benefits that the broker is associated with.


Bonuses Offered at 24Option

It is very true that everybody is pleased with bonuses. In 24Option, there is a real bonus like, by a deposit of $5,000 you will receive a 70% of the benefit. This is equivalent to $3,500. This enables you to reach a trading volume of 50 times the bonus. This is not like other brokers where you will get a 50 bonus with the deposit amount. This is why their bonus is good. For this, your bonus will be earned just as you reach $175,000 in trading volume. The goodness with this is that the earned bonus is readily available since you can withdraw it and even use it in trading.



24Option in withdrawing

As opposed to other sites that focus only on how to deposit, the main focus here is on the Binary Options. It is usually very easy to deposit money with other brokers, and when it comes to withdrawing it, the problem occurs. This is why 24Option has tried to be unique by fighting this challenge, and the withdrawal of money here is very easy with no problems.

As opposed to other brokers, at 24Option, there is no limit on the maximum amount of money that you can withdraw. It only takes 3-7 business days before you can withdraw your profit. The use of MoneyBooker speeds up the withdrawal process with lower withdrawal fees. Amazingly, the VIP accounts do not pay any single fee for the withdrawals. The only thing you must have in mind is to send the proper documents before you can request your money to be transferred to your account. This is just meant for regulations.

As if the above advantages are not enough, 24Option Broker offers a 5-hour video to train the beginners and any other person who will like to know more. This is the only company that uses real quotes in trading. One of the actual quotes they use is Leverage quotes. As a trader, you may not be aware of the highest withdrawal limits in this broker.

The 24Option broker, therefore, becomes a very trustworthy broker to use for your trading.


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CTOption – main features

CTOption is one of the binary brokers which appeared relatively recently, and quickly became a trusted and widely used binary options broker. They are based in Kingstown, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, with another office in London, UK. They allow trading for the trades from over 90 countries all around the world, and offer a range of features within their trading platform and website. CTOption offers many unique features, which separates them from other binary brokers, and some of the will be listed below.


Account types – they offer three main types of accounts – Mini, Standard and Executive, with a range of features and conveniences that come with each of the accounts, like bonuses, 24/7 support service, free course with professional trader and many more. In addition, there are also Islamic accounts, which are in compliance with Sharia law, which allow the traders to trade without any interest charges or additional fees. For all traders who wish to trade with this type of account, it is necessary to open one of the offered accounts, and then contact the support time for further instructions.

                Free demo account – another great feature of CTOption is that they offer a free demo account for everyone who signs up on the website. What makes this broker unique is the fact that they do not require the first deposit to be placed in order for a trader to activate the demo account. It is available for everyone who registers within the 48 hours from the registration. Demo platform is identical to the real trading platform, and which provides the traders with an opportunity to get to know the platform and develop a trading strategy they would like to use.

CtOption Review

                PC platform and mobile trading – CTOption offers a trading platform created by Panda TS, one of the leading trading platform developers and suppliers on the market, In addition to the PC platform, it is also possible to download a fast-responsive and user-friendly mobile platform, available for Android and iOS mobile phones and other portable devices.

                Trading signals and binary robot – they are also available on CTOption and provided by Binary Bug, which specializes in trading algorithms and trading technology. These features offer trading signals based on software-created solution and supported by human experts.

                Replicator – another useful feature provided by CTOption, which allows copying other people’s trades. It is possible for every trader to observe the trades of more successful traders and replicate their trading methods. There is also a feature called Replicator Pro, which allow you to follow the top 10 traders automatically. ctoption-homepage

Education – CTOption stands out in one more area, and that is their education section. Other that FAQ section, where you can find some info about the platform, binary trading and the broker itself, there is also a very extensive education section, which allows any visitor of the website the access to video and other materials to help them master binary trading concepts and strategies.

                CTOption is one of the few non-US brokers that allows USA traders, which also one of their positive features. They offer many useful and favorable features and options to all their traders, whether they are beginners or professionals.

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How Banc de Binary provides the best trading experience

Being a good binary broker is not an easy task and most companies manage to do it with more or less effort, but being the best is certainly a little bit harder and this is something that not all of them can do. This is the case with “Banc de Binary” broker – a company so good that it takes the role of the leader without any problems and manages to deliver according to those credentials. Users who place their investments through this website almost always come with positive recommendations and this is a clear indication of the quality of the product that people who run “Banc de Binary” have in their skilful and experienced hands.

            One of those is certainly the CEO of the company – an Israeli businessman with American citizenship and he is called Oren Shabat Laurent. He started Banc de Binary immediately after the big crisis of 2008 and still holds 50% of the shares. The head company of this multinational corporation is registered in Limassol, Cyprus, but there are also two affiliate companies which operate from Israel and the Republic of the Seychelles, respectively. They all operate together under the same name as “Banc de Binary” broker house. Banc-De-Binary-Broker-Demo1

            When it comes to the actual website and the interface that awaits you when you start your journey with this broker, people usually say that it is the best on the market and that it can even be  additionally customized. However, the standard version is very easy to use, and due to the general simplicity of trading with binary options which basically only has two commands (Call/Put) this is not such a hard task to accomplish. Also, new users are especially important to people from “Banc de Binary” and this genuine care can be felt in every service and feature of the site, but mostly in the great educational center which is equipped with lots of video tutorials, e-books and other reading material, and all of that enables clients to quickly get a grasp of the basics of binary options and the services that “Banc de Binary” provides.

            Also, “Banc de Binary” broker is regulated by CySEC, which is one of the leading regulatory bodies in the market of binary options trading, and this means that operations and financial activities of this company are fully legitimate and that no scam is present. Scam brokers are present on the global market and people should stay away from those websites, but if a broker is regulated and licensed by CySEC then traders have no reason to worry, since all of their personal information and investments will be totally secured and protected. BancDeBinaryInterface

            Over 200 assets from all of the four major groups (indices, currencies, commodities and stocks) are on disposal at “Banc de Binary”, and clients also have access to free binary trading signals which are basically alerts on good investment opportunities and they can be very helpful and increase profits to those traders who are not sure where and when to place the bids, or just don’t have time to go through tons of charts and fluctuations of prices.

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How Banc de Binary became the leader in binary options market

          “Banc de Binary” is one of the first names that will pop in your search engine when you look for a top binary options broker, and this is certainly not a coincidence. As one of the best companies out there, this broker is very well-known all over the world, and having these guys as your broker house is a clear sign that you invest your money smartly and that success is something you are used to. This enterprise has built such a reputation that trading with this broker has became a renowned activity, almost like driving a Ferrari or smoking a Cuban cigar. “Banc de Binary” offers the ultimate trading experience and lots of people from all over the world are more than satisfied with the services and features that this website provides. BancDeBinaryslajder

            But, let us go a few years into the past to see how and why did this company make such an enormous impact on the world of trading with binary options. Well, after the big market crash in 2008 people were looking for new ways of trading and some revolutionary methods appeared on the market, and one of those were binary options. Together with Pair options, which appeared slightly later, this type of trading was very popular as soon as it was implemented into the websites that offered trading via internet, and this was predominantly due to their simplicity and availability, but also because of their high profitability. Success rates were somewhere around 70-80%, although some experts dispute those statistics stating that such numbers are unrealistic and clearly blown out of proportion, but most big companies still have similar statistics on their websites. Either way, binary options became interesting to a lot of traders, and this was seen as an opportunity by a businessman from Israel named Oren Shabat Laurent, who started his own broker house in the start of 2009. He called it Banc de Binary and he was, and still is, the CEO of the company, owning 50% of the stocks. bg03

            Company was registered in Cyprus, with main address in Limassol, although nowadays it has two affiliate enterprises, one on Israel and one in the exotic Republic of the Seychelles. What is especially important to most traders is the fact that this broker was regulated by a well-known agency that specializes in this type of activity, and it is mostly known by the acronym CySEC, meaning Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission. This license is important since it provides access to a very wealthy European market, but it also shows that the broker in question runs totally legitimate operations and that it is fully reliable. This further solidified the position of “Banc de Binary” as a leader in the market, since from 2013 this enterprise was proudly showing this license on its official trading website. People were sure that this is no scam broker, and over 250.000 registered accounts are a clear signal of how much customers value the true quality of this broker house.

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Differences in safety between binary options brokers

Binary options brokers are basically companies which provide online trading with binary options and they supply the platforms for that trading to be conducted on. There are lots of brokers on the market and each one of them tries to bring something new and specific to the global world of stocks and fluctuating prices. Some of them focus on better security, some offer better trading websites and superior performances, while some are oriented towards new and inexperienced users. No matter which of these types of services are brokers focused on, there is one major distinction between companies that provide trading with binary options and that is – are they legitimate or are they a scam?

             It used to be quite hard to differentiate between those two, but in recent years the gap has expanded and almost anyone will quite easily see through the thin veil that covers the scam. On the other hand, legitimate binary options brokers are also very easy to recognize, only for exactly the opposite reasons. Scam sites are created with the intention of stealing client’s money and personal information, while proper and legitimate binary brokers will provide clients with the chance to win some money and expand their knowledge and experience. Trading with reliable companies will also   give them the feeling of trading in a protected and safe environment, which additionally helps in making good and successful bids. The ultimate goal of trading is profit, and if the client feels satisfied he or she will definitely have the desire to come back and earn some more money. binary-options-trading-broker

            As mentioned above, several things are different between the two types of brokers, and customers usually just have to follow few basic steps to be able to recognize rotten apples from the good ones. For start, they have to read and get as much information as possible about the broker and  its operations, and this can be done using various sources – reviews, magazine articles, experiences of other people and so on. It is also recommended to check if the contact information which is placed on the website is functional or not. For obvious reasons, scam sites will not leave that information there, or it will not be the correct one, while reliable broker houses have no problems with clients contacting them.

            Another very important element of binary options brokers is the fact that some of them are regulated by independent agencies, while some are not. It is easy to conclude which ones are not, since being regulated meas that the company follows strict procedures and highly demanding safety protocols. Regulatory bodies have built strong reputation and they use their integrity to guarantee the security and protection of client’s funds and personal information, and one of the most popular agencies which operate on the global market comes from Cyprus and it is called CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission). binary-options

            Many well-known companies are regulated by CySEC, for instance “Banc de Binary”, “24Option”, “StockPair”, etc., and choosing one of them for your binary options broker is the safest way to go.

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Elements that make Banc de Binary such a reliable broker house

          All of us want to have the biggest possible control over our investments and our hard-earned money, and with virtual funds and online trading this is hardly impossible but we want it nevertheless. It is perfectly natural to have concerns about safety of your finances and it seems totally reasonable to want to protect your bank account as much as possible. When it comes to trading with binary options people tend to be even more careful, since there have been recorded cases of scam brokers in the relatively short history of this trading method, and for that reason some companies have invested a lot into new systems and new ways of protection.

            “Banc de Binary” is one of those broker house which care deeply about the safety of their clients, or their investments to be more precise, and to most traders who have any experience in the world of binary options it is perfectly evident that Banc de Binary scam is not possible and that operations that are done by this company are completely legal and legitimate. This enterprise is one of the safest on the market, and a lot of people from all over the world have the same opinion. For instance, customers from over 80 countries from across the globe are part of their clients base, which know stands at 250-300.000 registered accounts. With those impressive numbers “Banc de Binary” clearly leads the market of binary options, since no other broker is able to compare with them. Additionally, almost all of those users leave positive reviews about safety and security of trading with this company, and this makes “Banc de Binary” even more desirable. A good recommendation is worth a lot in any kind of business, and when it comes to playing around with their money people tend to trust more to someone who comes highly recommended.  index_binary_options

            One of the main elements of “Banc de Binary” reliability is the fact that this broker is regulated by several regulatory bodies, most important of whom is an agency that comes from Cyprus and is known as Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). This well-known office will issue its license only to broker houses which follow the most demanding security procedures and safety protocols, and during the years CySEC has built a strong integrity in this business. “Banc de Binary” had its license issued in 2013, and this was a giant step forward in the history of this corporation. CySEC license also serves as a kind of a “passport” for the territory of the European Union, and this was important for the company as well, due to large increase in available customers and larger profits. binary-options-trading

            Other important features which make “Banc de Binary” so reliable are concerned with software solutions which are incorporated into its website, and some of those services include security checks and state-of-the-art SSL encryption which is in charge of protecting all personal information and data. Also, if something goes wrong or some problems with performances of the website ever occur, “Banc de Binary” has great customer support which can deal with any situation in matter of minutes.

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